Gallery 198 at Art New York Presents Kevin Berlin's HOPE DIES LAST

Orchard recently planned Gallery 198’s premiere Art New York show with internationally celebrated artist Kevin Berlin.  The solo exhibition was the worldwide premiere of Berlin’s highly anticipated new body of new work, HOPE DIES LAST.  The collection reveals the interior and secret lives of ballet dancers by depicting their hidden thoughts in sensual black and white paintings, sculpture, and works on paper.  

HOPE DIES LAST stems from time the artist spent studying ballet dancers in 2015, working from a makeshift studio on Nevsky Prospect in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where he had the opportunity to interview 14 ballet dancers and learn their innermost fears, desires, and thoughts.

Berlin arrived on opening day at Art New York with two black swans from Rebecca Kelly Ballet.  The artist and Gallery 198 also welcomed groups for artist talks, including IVY, American Ballet Theater, and U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts alumni group.