Orchard is thrilled to announce that BenBella Books, one of the fastest growing publishers in the United States, has acquired THE COLORFUL KITCHEN by Ilene Godofsky.  Ilene is a celebrated health coach, recipe developer, and creator of the popular food blog THE COLORFUL KITCHEN.  Christina Daigneault, President of Orchard Literary, spearheaded the deal as agent.

THE COLORFUL KITCHEN will explore the vegan food craze in a new and refreshing way -- with an emphasis on colorful combinations that reflect vitamins and healthful ingredients.  Ilene’s philosophy “colorful, not complicated” has shaped her blog into a leading vegan resource that helps take the mystery out of plant-based eating.

THE COLORFUL KITCHEN will guide readers through easy-to-follow preparations for plant-based recipes, with variations that will make every meal exciting, delicious, and healthy.  It is for people who think vegetables are boring (they won’t for long), kale-loving carnivores, vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, and everyone in between.  It is a guide for both seasoned cooks and kitchen newcomers on how to prepare fast, delicious, healthy meals, whether they are cooking for one, two, or twelve.

“Orchard is delighted to announce that BenBella Books, a recognized leader in plant-based titles, will be publishing THE COLORFUL KITCHEN,” explained Christina Daigneault, President of Orchard and agent on the book deal.  “We are confident this book will be a definitive resource for vegans and also inspire more people to try plant-based diets with its simple, colorful, and mouth-watering recipes.”

About the Author

Ilene Godofsky is a certified health coach, recipe developer, and author of the popular food blog, THE COLORFUL KITCHEN.  Her colorful and healthy recipes have been featured in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Buzz Feed, Mind Body Green, Refinery 29, TODAY Food, Fitness, and many more.

Orchard Literary Welcomes Amy Galper, Executive Director of the New York Institute of Aromatherapy

Orchard Literary is thrilled to welcome Amy Galper, Executive Director of the New York Institute of Aromatherapy, to its lineup of health & wellness experts.  Amy is a Certified Aromatherapist with over twenty years of experience formulating products, teaching, and consulting in organic beauty and wellness.   She is renowned in her field and regularly found in top media outlets, including: Organic Spa Magazine, NYLON, Dr. Oz The Good LifeWell & Good, and American Spa.

“The Orchard Literary team is excited to be working with Amy Galper, a top expert in organic beauty, to bring her wisdom into the publishing arena” explained Lucas Hunt, Literary Director at Orchard.  “With plant-based health and beauty on the rise, we are confident her expertise will translate beautifully into an informative book.”

Orchard Literary Welcomes Ilene Godofsky from The Colorful Kitchen

Orchard Literary is delighted to welcome Ilene Godofsky from THE COLORFUL KITCHEN to our line up of lifestyle experts. Her popular blog presents vegan dishes that are "colorful, not complicated" and empowers people to try plant-based meals with ease.  Already celebrated in the media, including spotlights in The New York Times, TODAY Living, Refinery 29, Fitness, Well + Good, Redbook, and many more, Ilene's meatless masterpieces are poised to now enter the publishing arena with great fanfare.

"Orchard is thrilled to have Ilene Godofsky join the agency's literary division," explained Christina Daigneault, Founder and President of Orchard Strategies.  "Ilene presents a fresh new voice in nutrition that both inspires and empowers her readers to try plant-based recipes." 

Orchard Literary Author Spotlight: Betsy Helmuth - BIG DESIGN, SMALL BUDGET

Betsy Helmuth is the founder and owner of Affordable Interior Design in New York City.  For over a decade, she has provided decorating services to private clients seeking to create gorgeous homes without spending a fortune.   She believes “you don’t need to spend a lot to live in luxury.”  

In her book, BIG DESIGN, SMALL BUDGET, Betsy offers her sought after design wisdom for creating glamorous homes in nine thrifty steps. Betsy has appeared in Small Room Decorating Magazine, amNY, The Wall Street Journal, The Nest, and on The TODAY Show, HGTV., and a recent Chase Bank commercial.  She has even been called upon as an expert designer in the popular DIY Network series of shows, “That’s So 80s”, and “That’s So 90s.”