Orchard Spearheads National PR Campaign to Raise Awareness for STOP THE BLEED Day


National STOP THE BLEED Day (May 23rd) is currently one of the largest public health initiatives in the United States.  The campaign is aimed at directly saving lives—through an effort to increase public awareness and encourage people and organizations across the United States to get trained with life-saving STOP THE BLEED techniques so they can be ready to take action and stop everyday instances of life-threatening bleeding in their homes and communities. 

National STOP THE BLEED Day is critically important, because incidents, like mass shootings or natural disasters, along with everyday accidents, whether on the playground, the freeway, or in the kitchen could expose people to bleeding out.  It’s imperative that people become aware of this, because in many cases, death from blood loss is preventable. Properly trained, anyone can STOP THE BLEED until professional help arrives.

Experts say it takes between:

                              3 - 5 minutes to die from blood loss. 

                              7 -10 minutes is the average EMS response time.

Orchard led a national public awareness campaign for STOP THE BLEED Day that resulted in expert interviews on radio and television across the United States, and the placement of high-profile Public Service Announcements (PSAs) — one by celebrated television personality and health advocate, Dr. Oz, and one by Lacey Newman, a Las Vegas shooting survivor and STOP THE BLEED Day spokesperson. To learn more about this critically important public health campaign please visit the campaign website.

A sampling of radio placements for the STOP THE BLEED Day campaign.

A sampling of radio placements for the STOP THE BLEED Day campaign.